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We are open to submissions, as well as drabble requests and the like, however we reserve the right to refuse a submissions for canon and story related purposes (this is it's own universe after all) and also as a disclaimer we do not accept girls. Merida is a break in unrealistic statistics and we're keeping her the only female to make a point. No sexism, just a point! Also, we do not mutliship the kids or their parents to keep from incest, cheating and other related subjects. Thank you so much!

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Keldon Phillip Thorson 

Loki and Thor’s third and final, planned, son, Keldon was a calming change from his two older brothers. Quiet, shy and organized he is never one to speak out of turn. But secretly little Keldon is the strongest of all the boys, able to wield Thor’s mighty hammer, this seemingly weak boy is all the boy’s muscle. Never one to fight unless provoked Keldon is the family’s secret weapon.  

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